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I’m a bit obsessed with glamping.  I love the idea of staying in a vintage-style safari camp with all the luxuries – a bathtub for instance, and a cushy bed, and folding chairs pulled ’round a fire at night while my adventurer friends tell tales…

This Tent Puts the “Glam” in Glamping

Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert in It Happened One Night

I love road trips. I love movies. Today I started thinking about classic road trip movies – really early ones –  before GoPro,  Thelma and Louise, or even National Lampoon, for instance.  Other road trip films that have been up-staged or overshadowed. Maybe you’ve seen all five movies…

5 Not-So-Obvious Road Trip Movies



I’m a big fan of home stays, as anyone who reads regularly will know.  I love renting houses, apartments, villas – I’ve even thought of renting a boat or an Airstream, but I haven’t done either yet. I’ve used OneFineStay and VRBO and yes, I’ve…

Airbnb’s Big Announcement?


Feels like the end of an era. Because it is.  I had scarcely posted my previous blog entry about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, when I read that Tommy Ramone, last surviving member of The Ramones, had died.  The Ramones. Wow. They furnished…

The Ramones – RIP


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