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What About My Trip? What to Do if a Web Booker Goes Out of Business

May 25, 2015 • By

I recently received a special offer from a trusted source – a site I purchase from regularly online.   Okay, it was Gilt, in fact.  I’m a big fan of the members-only shopping site and I’m either pleased or embarrassed (depending on the day) to say that I am a Gilt Noir member in good standing.  That means I shop there a lot.  I trust them.  I like their style.  And they like me, too.  So occasionally they pass on special offerings.

This particular offer was through Luxury Link, a travel website that promises special, above-and-beyond experiences at the best hotels and resorts, worldwide. And Gilt was offering an additional percentage off to Noir members. Awesome! (Or so I thought.)

Lobby at L'Albereta

Lobby at L’Albereta – A travel offer I received through the now defunct Luxury Link site


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5 Not-So-Obvious Road Trip Movies

October 2, 2014 • By

I love road trips. I love movies. Today I started thinking about classic road trip movies – really early ones –  before GoPro,  Thelma and Louise, or even National Lampoon, for instance.  Other road trip films that have been up-staged or overshadowed.

Maybe you’ve seen all five movies on my list.  (If not, may I suggest that you “hit the road” to Netflix or Amazon immediately to enhance your repertoire?)

Here’s my personal list of 5 Not-So-Obvious Road Trip Movies, starting with the very FIRST road trip movie ever made!READ MORE