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3 New Travel Apps You’re Not Using Yet!

June 2, 2014 • By

Today I’m writing about three of my newest followers. Their online profiles caught my attention and caused me to do a little more digging. And the more I saw, the more I liked.

1.  Blend About

The first one that caught my eye is the social (and I don’t mean virtual) network called Blend About. Their tag line is “Eat, Drink and Meet Mary…(and Tim and Amar and Kate and Ryan).” They had me at Eat.   The folks who participate are called Blenders, and to join in, all you have to do is sign in, share your interests and favorite foods and the network will connect you with up to six like-minded folk in your area. So this is not 100% a travel app, but it sure would be a fun way to experience a new place. You can join an existing group meal or plan your own. This also sounds like a lot more fun than online dating, phone swipe meet ups or eating out alone.  Try it out at

2. Airport Food

The next interesting app is called AirportFood. This one is a great idea…(and yes, I’m picking up on the food theme, here. Guess I’m hungry!)

The app is so new it didn’t even have reviews last time I checked, but it works great so far. There are 50 US airports and 20 international, so far. Now, instead of wondering around frantically trying to figure out a better food option that suits your mood and time table, just check the app. You can filter by terminal, and also by whether the café or restaurant is pre- or post-security. And if enough people start using it and reviewing the food, this could become the Yelp of air travel. Download AirportFood in the app store.

3.  Hotel Room Alerts

Then there’s This is a new service that lets you know if a room becomes available at a sold-out hotel. They have 170,000 hotels in their database so far. You just input the ones you’re interested in, along with your dates, and they’ll send you a text or SMS as soon as someone cancels an existing reservation. This could be especially handy when you’ve forgotten to book that special place for you anniversary. Or when you thought your colleague was making the convention booking, and he thought you were.

So that’s my quick wrap up of three Rover@Home followers with awesome offerings.  I’m loving meeting new friends and fans — so much so that I’m going to write about three more by the end of the week. Watch this space for info on three cool lifestyle bloggers who’ve connected with Rover@Home, coming soon!