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5 Cool Travel Gifts

December 12, 2012 • By

Still stuck on what to get that special traveler this holiday season?  Here are five things I find make traveling easier and more fun — from a super $5 stocking stuffer, on up!  Most of these items I already own and travel with regularly – and they make unexpected and useful gifts for someone who travels.

1.  The Power Cup


Great for road trips…it sits in your cup holder, plugs into your lighter outlet, and allows you to charge multiple devices at once, through a USB port or two AC outlets.  Comes in various wattages – for powering a tv, game console, laptop, phone and more…(Don’t tell but I’m ordering this for my husband.)

2.  The Lay-n-Go Cosmetic Bag


This is great.  Fill it with your must-have cosmetics and brushes.  Then at your destination or when you’re ready to primp, just open it out flat, use your items, and pull it closed again.  No need for lots of unpacking and organizing in the hotel bathroom.  I love this!  (They also have giant ones for Legos or other kid’s items.  The storage piece becomes the play area, then just pulls shut again with all the toys inside.)

3.  Colorful Luggage Tags


Seems simple – maybe too simple.  But these are actually really great.  Imagine you’ve just had a 12 hour flight and you’re waiting to go through customs.  You are tired of sweaty bodies bumping into you and you want to get out into fresh air, but you’re stuck, along with everyone else, waiting for your bags, trying to determine which one of the dozens of gray, black and brown bags on the airport carousel is yours.  Suddenly, in the distance, you spot the psychedelic swirls of the luggage tag your sister gave you for Christmas and you feel a sense of relief – and gratitude.  She’s just made your life easier – and in the heat of the moment, you entirely forgive her for eating the last sugar cookie.  (These are from Tepper Jackson.)


4.  Mini Tabasco Bottles

LOVE this!  Great stocking stuffer for around $5.  I travel with a bottle or two in my purse (to make airline food more edible), and more in my bag (for when room service forgets and you don’t want to wait). You can get them at World Market – and probably other places, too.

5.  Design-it-Yourself Travel Speakers

They fold flat for travel.  They’re eco-friendly.  And, if you want, you can get creative and decorate them yourself.  Fun!

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