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Big Night Out – London

August 24, 2012 • By
Brasserie Zedel

Brasserie Zedel

While we were in London this time, we were able to get tickets for “War Horse” at the New London Theatre. What a production! In the first couple of seconds, you think, “…puppets? can I really watch a show full of puppets…?” Then after a few moments, the horses become as real as the humans on stage. Big, gorgeous, unpredictable horses who paw the ground and rear back and twitch their muscles. You see them breathing hard after a run – you see fear in their movements, or sometimes joy. Really impressive – and of course, a tear jerker. I haven’t seen the movie – but not sure that I want to after this. It might ruin it for me.

Our English friends told us that a few nights after the show opened in London, an elderly couple came into the theatre a few minutes after the lights dimmed. They sat down near the front and seemed totally taken with the show. Then just before the end, they stood up and left. At first, the other theatre-goers were slightly put out – until they realized it was the Queen and Prince Philip out for a rare night on the town. Our friends also told us that the Queen loves the show, and horses, so much that they had one of the puppet-horses on a bridge, rearing up to greet her, as her Silver Jubilee barge passed underneath. I would have loved to have seen that!

100_0570Afterwards, we joined some more friends at a brand new restaurant and bar they’d recommended. To be honest, we didn’t meet up – we raced in pedicabs to see who would get there first…Silly, but fun!

We met up at Bar Americain, which is in the basement of the classic Beaux Arts building that houses the new Brasserie Zedel. What a setting for intrigue and romance!  You’ll feel more beautiful, just by descending the curving staircase! The newly-renovated and highly-designed art deco spaces are evocative of a WWII cabaret. There is, in fact a cabaret show in a separate space, but we didn’t experience it.

There are beautiful wooden columns and brass accents and stylized pictures of planes flying hear the ceiling. We drank several bottles of Veuve Cliquot in Bar Americain and felt truly continental.  Here’s looking at you, kid!