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When Life Happens…Make Fabric…

September 10, 2013 • By
Our New Fabric Line is Becoming Real!

Our New Fabric Line is Becoming Real!

So in case anyone one has been wondering where I’ve been…yes, sometimes life happens and the blog takes a backseat for a few (minutes?).  In the meantime, lots has been happening, both at home and away.  We returned from the third leg of our progressive road trip.  More on that later, but the bottom line is, our car is now parked near the Denver airport, awaiting our return and the start of phase four.  (I’m thinking Santa Fe…)

AND – drum roll please – the paper strikes of our new Smith•Hönig fabric line are rolling in.  It is so exciting to see the dream becoming real, and all those travel inspirations turning into products!  Again, more later as we tweak (not twerk!) our designs.

The photo shows one design from the collection, plus a mood board of how it will be used in an upcoming project.


My Design Partner Kellie Smith with HGTV Superstar Vern Yip.

Plus, my design partner, Kellie Smith just launched her new paint line, Velvet Finishes.  (She’s off having breakfast with HGTV super star Vern Yip at the moment, while I’m rededicating myself to the blog.  No.  Seriously.)

You can check her paint out here:

So friends, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do.  So many great new hotels we discovered on our trek across middle America.  So many great swimming holes discovered by my lake-loving husband…So many photos…

More later.

I promise.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves in Capernaum

June 19, 2013 • By

This week’s photo challenge was a good one. I realized I tend to photograph angles, not curves…But here’s my shot.

Curves all around (and above), are seen inside the Greek Orthodox church in Capernaum, Israel, located on the Sea of Galilee.  Every (curved) surface is gilded, painted and embellished…

Curves are also visible in the red exterior domes.


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Top 5 Design Details: Venice

May 28, 2013 • By

You can’t recreate Venice – and why would you want to, unless you’re a Vegas tycoon who knows a good thing when he sees it?  But with some quiet time and a roving eye, you can absorb the layered details that make Venice so unique.  Many of those details can easily translate into design ideas for your own spaces.




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Color of the Week: Chinese Red

May 20, 2013 • By
Temple of Heaven - Night Event

Temple of Heaven – Evening Event

For better or worse, no one quite owns a color the way China owns red. Throughout history, the color and the country have been connected, be it through feng shui, spirituality or politics.

Red China…red silk…red flags…red for good luck…red for temple doors…


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

May 14, 2013 • By
Venice, From the Canal

Venice, From the Canal

I love this photo, shot from a water taxi on a canal in Venice.  I like that I was able to get it lined up and fairly straight despite the movement of the camera (and the boat, and the water).  I love the Moorish/Italianate shapes of the columns and ornamentation.  But my absolute favorite thing is the two men in the upper left corner.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

May 10, 2013 • By

I love layers of pattern and texture, so when I checked into a hotel in Lago di Orta, Italy and saw this beautiful terrazzo floor, topped with damask drapes, fabric-covered walls and plaster ornamentation, I was in heaven…one of my favorite stays, anywhere in the world!

Hotel Villa Crespi

Hotel Villa Crespi