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5 Things You Must Do in Kyoto, Japan

April 12, 2017 • By

So you’re traveling in Asia and wondering what to do in Kyoto, Japan…

My advice? Settle into this beautiful and historic Japanese city for a few days.  Mr. H and I just returned from Japan, and Kyoto was the highlight of our entire Asian trip.

The people are warm and friendly. The food is diverse and delicious. Kyoto retains much of its pre-World War II architecture and character and makes a great home base for meaningful side trips.

Traveling to Kyoto, Japan? Settle into this beautiful and historic place and take a look at these 5 things you must do in Kyoto, Japan.

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Milan’s Navigli District

November 17, 2015 • By

One of the hippest areas of Milan is the Navigli, located around the city’s two canals and lined with a bewildering number of cafes, bars, shops, galleries, pizzerias, gelaterias, book stores and music shops. There are also souvenir vendors, musicians, street art, boat rides, regular flea markets and depending on the time of day, crowds of people.

I’ve spent the last several days getting to know Milan’s Navigli District.  I love the walkability and intimacy of it. I can only fall in love with a place if I can get to know it while walking along narrow streets.

The Navigli District, Milan

The Navigli District, Milan

Milan has grand boulevards, monuments, dramatic architecture and world-class museums of course. But this is my favorite part of the city. Here are some of my favorite spots for eating, shopping and exploring in Milan’s Navigli district.READ MORE

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An Update from Venice

October 20, 2015 • By

I’ve been in Venice for a week and loved every quirky, cold, (sometimes sunny), delicious minute of it. I’ve loved it so much, I’ve not taken time to write about my trip!  What? I’m a travel blogger – this is not supposed to happen!

I have been taking photos – so here’s a quick update from Venezia. (I’m really hoping my Italian improves by the end of this trip!)

First of all, if you read regularly you may remember that I started planning this trip months ago and I let you in on my process for picking a vacation rental.  I’m 100% pleased with the apartment I selected.

Here’s what my vacation rental looks like:

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.30.46 AM

Don’t you love those massive, ancient doors? And the view of READ MORE

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September Events: Barcelona’s Festival of Giants

September 4, 2015 • By

A while back, I ended up in Barcelona on the same weekend as the Festival La Merce.  Before that trip, I’d never even heard of this September event.  My husband was traveling on business and I decided to tag along…

One day while Mr. H was out making deals,  I took a taxi to Plaza Catalunya, because I wanted to visit (and spend money at!) Barcelona’s famous department store El Corte Inglés.  A few blocks from the plaza, a huge crowd had gathered and the streets were closed.  The taxi driver said I’d have to walk the rest of the way – and explained that the store was probably closed. At first I was disappointed.

Then I realized that something BIG was about to happen!  And by big, I do mean gigantic.

Festival of the Giants in Barcelona

Festival of the Giants in Barcelona


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What to Do in Seattle in September

August 29, 2015 • By

September is the perfect time of year to visit Seattle. The summer crowds have faded away. The weather is still mild and – at least for this area – somewhat dry. Hotels start offering their off-season prices around this time, too.

So what is there to do in Seattle in September? So, so much.

The Harbor in Seattle, WA is a Great Place to Get Away to This September


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5 Days in Charleston, South Carolina

August 17, 2015 • By

Mr. H recently had business near Charleston, South Carolina and I went along because – well, you know – any excuse for a road trip!  The business part of the trip ended on a Thursday, so we decided to take a long weekend exploring Charleston and the surrounding areas.

Historic Houses of Charleston, SC

Historic Houses of Charleston, SC

Even on a road trip I love a luxury hotel as much as the next girl, but I don’t like to pay rack rate. So I did a quick search of‘s carefully curated boutique hotels and luxury properties to see if anything was available on short notice. I found two hotels in the Charleston area that looked particularly nice. We couldn’t choose between them, so we decided to split our five days up between the city itself and a more rural property, simply because they both looked like fabulous places.