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3 Fabulous Reasons to Be in Los Angeles this October

August 7, 2015 • By

Sunny Southern California is always nice. But this October things are really popping. If you’re thinking about traveling and are wondering where you should go next, here are three reason to be in Los Angeles in October of 2015.

1. Dracula at the Ace Hotel

This Halloween, Hollywood’s most alluring bloodsucker gets a new soundtrack. The original 1931 screen version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula was made when limited sound technology existed, so no musical score was ever composed and there were very few sound effects.

Dracula at Ace Hotel is presented by the LA Opera and features Phillip Glass and Kronos Quartet

Dracula at Ace Hotel is presented by the LA Opera and features Phillip Glass and Kronos Quartet

Legendary composer Philip Glass wrote a new film score in 1998. His music blows the cobwebs off this horror classic and adds depth to the emotional layers of the story.READ MORE

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A-Z Travel Guidebook: The Ace Hotel

June 20, 2015 • By

AZTravel AceHotel

I’m excited to join fellow blogger Fiona Ryan and others in the A-Z Guidebook Travel Linkup.  This inaugural week, the letter is (obviously) “A”. So let’s begin:

A is for the Ace Hotel, one of my all time favorite places to stay, due to the property’s hippie chic vibe and the dry, bright desert heat of Palm Springs.

Mr. H and I stayed at the Ace in January, when most of America was cold and gray.  We drove through the desert in our horse with no name and arrived just in time to enjoy some late afternoon pool time, listen to some vintage vinyl and build a fire in our courtyard fireplace.READ MORE

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Modern Moorish Style with Villa Maroc’s Deganit Cohen

June 19, 2015 • By

The shop’s colorful facade got my attention as we drove past, and despite a tight schedule I managed to persuade my husband to turn the car around, drop me across the street and set up a meeting time for later in the day.  It was the right thing to do!

Villa Maroc is bright, colorful and filled with layer upon layer of visual goodness.  I needed to slow down to take it all in.  A charming lady (who I later discovered was the owner’s mother) let me know that céramiques were discounted 20%.  Everything – on the floors, the walls, the chairs, the tables, in baskets and boxes and bowls – clamored for my attention.


The feeling was warm and evocative of the past – but perfectly modern at the same time.  READ MORE

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Lebron James is Going to Cleveland, and All I Got Was This Fabulous Hotel

July 11, 2014 • By

Ok, so Lebron has made his big decision and he’s going back home to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Going home is always a good thing, and evidently Cleveland, Ohio is kind of known for that.  The city even has an ongoing campaign inviting former residents to “boomerang” back, and it seems to work.  A poll from Global Cleveland, the city’s economic development agency, showed that more people move from NYC to Cleveland, than vice versa, for instance.

As a constant traveler, I can say I’ve been to Cleveland.  In fact, Mr. H and I had a fabulous time at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during the second leg of our Progressive Road Trip.READ MORE

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Hotel Review: Row NYC

May 28, 2014 • By

Frankly, we chose Row NYC because of the price and proximity to the Jacob Javits Convention Center. We were in the city for Surtex.

Normally, I don’t want to stay in Times Square area, since it is so touristy and there are all sorts of doe-eyed folks just off the bus mingling with hawkers on the streets, handing out fliers for tours and shows.  Getting through the revolving doors and past the crowd on the sidewalk is a daily challenge when you stay in this area.  But Surtex had made Row NYC one of the preferred hotels, and that meant there was nearby shuttle service back and forth to the show every day, and the price was right.READ MORE

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Is This The World’s First Non-Profit Hotel?

April 29, 2014 • By

While visiting friends in Winter Park, Florida last weekend, I was treated to brunch at Hamilton’s Kitchen. Hamilton’s is located inside The Alfond Inn, a new boutique property that may be the world’s first non-profit hotel.

The lobby of the inn is bright and open, filled with contemporary art and modern Moorish influences. Hamilton’s opens onto the courtyard, and we chose a table outside. The weather was as perfect as you’d expect in a Florida resort town.