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Gorgeous Topiary Gardens Around the World

July 30, 2017 • By

Topiary Gardens are my secret passion.

Throughout my travels, I look for local topiary gardens to visit. A topiary is a living art piece, and their fantastical shapes, in an open landscape, can feel magical and other-worldly.

Today, I thought that we would highlight a few of these one-of-a-kind gardens.

Take a look at these gorgeous Topiary Gardens around the world…

Let's step outside and take a look at these gorgeous Topiary Gardens around the world...there are many different sizes and shapes of gardens.



19 Travel Quotes to Inspire Your Wanderlust

February 7, 2016 • By

Just in case you aren’t already planning that next trip, here are a few travel quotes to – well, you know – get you in the mood!

Let’s start with the fundamental truth…

And here’s one of my favorites, from the famous naturalist, philosopher and founder of The Sierra Club, John Muir…READ MORE

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The 10 Most Christmas-y Places to Be Right Now

December 14, 2015 • By

It’s looking a lot like Christmas! Silver bells…twinkly lights…pictures with Santa popping up in your friends’ Facebook feeds.

Happily, I’ll be spending the holiday at home with family. My tree is glittering. The garland is draped across the front porch and the gifts are getting wrapped – (but slowly, slowly).

Every now and then, as I tie a Tiffany-style bow – I dream about spending the holiday in a picture-perfect Christmas destination, a place filled with snowflakes and evergreens and classic red ribbons. The kind of Christmas card town that seems almost magical – a place known for a unique Christmas spirit. What are the places I dream of?

Here they are.

In my opinion, these are the Top 10 Christmas Destinations anywhere in the world!

1. Lapland, Finland

As Santa’s official homeland, Finnish Lapland is obviously pretty focused on the Christmas holiday. The town of Rovaniemi is officially designated as Santa’s hometown. A white line through the park delineates the boundaries of the actual Arctic Circle.)

And while, according to local lore, Santa lives a bit further out, he does keep his office downtown.

Santa wears traditional clothing in Lapland

Rovaniemi: Santa Claus. Photograph. Britannica Online for Kids. Web. 12 Dec. 2015



Holiday Gift Guide: Perfect Gifts for Travelers

December 4, 2015 • By

It’s Friday afternoon. Just a few more hours in the work week and, let’s be honest, you’re daydreaming about the weekend and the upcoming holidays. Am I right?

Here’s a fun gift guide for all the travelers you know – those who travel or just want to travel. Perfect for anyone planning or saving for an upcoming trip. Some are cute and unexpected. And some are highly practical.

And trust me, as someone who is away from home more than a third of the year, I can tell you that many of these gifts will be greatly appreciated by anyone on the go.

So go ahead. Take a look !

Gifts for Travelers

Gifts for Travelers



Holiday Gift Guide: Travel Books & Stylish Reads

November 30, 2015 • By
Welcome to Cyber Monday! Here's your gift guide for stylish book lovers including travel books and more.

Welcome to Cyber Monday! Here’s your gift guide for stylish book lovers including travel books and more.

I have too many books…said no one in my family, ever!
Yes, they are taking over every room in the house. Even in the actual library, I’ve started to run out of space. But that does not mean I have too many!
holiday gift guide
In the living room, the stacks have started doubling as extra cocktail tables – and I have loads of them near the tub, too, so I can combine two of my favorite things – books and baths.



Holiday Gift Guide for your Favorite Boho Gypsy

November 13, 2015 • By

I love coming home from my travels with new pieces of art, ethnic textiles or a new dish to add to my collection. I love travel souvenirs that are beautiful and useful – and I love to have a bohemian mix of memories surrounding me.

Some of my friends are wanderers, like me. Some are would-be gypsies that can’t get away as often as they’d like. Still others travel mostly vicariously, but have a brilliant gypset soul.

Those are the people it’s fun to buy for! I love gifting with a boho flair. Do you?

Here are some fun, festive and beautiful items I’ve found that may very well be unwrapped by some special friends in the coming months.  If you’re ready for a few cool gift ideas – or ready to add some items to your own wish list – read on.

What to Buy Your Gypsy Friends!

What to Buy Your Gypsy Friends!

These gifts range fro $15 – $750 – some are for gifting, some for getting and some for dreaming over.