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Top 5 Foodie Travel Experiences

September 7, 2015 • By
Els Pescadors in Barcelona

Els Pescadors in Barcelona

I admit it. I’m a foodie. Travel is really just a means to an end – with the end being a fabulous meal. Seriously, the best thing about traveling must surely be eating. Nothing else brings you closer to the true culture of a place or a people than their food. Am I right?  And no matter how many monuments, museums, beaches, shopping streets or festivals you visit – you still “gotta eat”.

Last night, Mr. H and I were enjoying a scrumptious meal together.  Sometimes, eating good food inspires talk of past meals in far off places.  So while tasting (and toasting) our way through the evening, we decided to come up with the Top 5 Foodie Travel Experiences we’ve shared on our travels together.  Here’s what we remembered, in the order that we remembered them:


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Travel Tips for Coffee Drinkers

September 11, 2015 • By

I’ve been thinking a lot about coffee lately. (Ok, let’s rephrase that. I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee lately…)

I like having a quiet half hour every morning all to myself. No company, no conversation, no reading or checking emails. I like to become fully aware of the day on my own terms, as I enjoy a Cup of Joe.

Lately, as I sip, I’ve been remembering travel moments that relate to coffee.

Coffee is a seriously universal thing – but the rituals surrounding it change from place to place.

Take cappuccino, for instance.


I love it when they make cool designs in the froth of my cappuccino – how DO they do it?


Unique Banana Cream Recipe
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My (Vietnamese) Royal Rose Snow Day

February 12, 2014 • By

I suppose, since I’m traveling less at the moment, I’m cooking more – and snow days always make me want to experiment in the kitchen.  Today I felt like making something different, satisfying and reminiscent of one of my favorite foodie destinations, Vietnam.  The obvious choice, on a snowy afternoon, was soup.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadowing

August 3, 2013 • By

This is one of my favorite photos – I just wish I’d been shooting at a higher resolution at the time.  This is a kitchen shot of the chef and his assistants at Otel Variete in Florence, Italy.  The only thing it really foreshadowed was a fantastic dinner of regional Italian food, in large quantities…and a fun performance on the restaurant’s stage.


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Philadelphia Summer: 3 Stylish Things to Do

June 7, 2013 • By
Summer in the City

Summer in the City

Rodin Museum, Philadelphia

Rodin Museum, Philadelphia

Have time for a weekend trip to Philadelphia this summer?  We just visited, as part of our progressive road trip – and since we were able to spend five days, I finally feel that I’m starting to know the city.

Philly is full of things to do.  Of course, you might need the photo op at the Rocky statue or next to Rodin’s Thinker (we did the latter) – but when it’s sweltering and humid outside, you won’t want to start running up the museum stairs with Eye of the Tiger blaring in your brain.

Trust me on this one.

But there are some stylish,”don’t miss” moments you should experience as you get to know Philadelphia. Here are three.