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My Favorite Things: Portraits of Statues

September 28, 2015 • By

Do you start to notice themes when you look over your travel photos?

I have a huge collection of “portraits” of statues.

Even through the lens, I realize that I love to shoot sculpture in the same way that I like to take photos of models.  Sometimes I even feel myself having an internal discussion with them.  You know what I mean, “…good, good, a bit more to the left, yes. Perfect…”

A Sculpture at Atlanta's High Museum

A Sculpture at Atlanta’s High Museum



Stylish Traveler Tells All: Blogger Fiona Ryan of Tiffin

September 25, 2015 • By

Welcome to my new Stylish Traveler series.

(In honor of #FollowFriday, I’ll be posting occasional Friday Q&A’s with bloggers, artists, interior designers or other creative types. )

This week, say “Hello” to food writer and travel blogger Fiona Ryan. Fiona won a 2014 Food Writing award from Food Bloggers Australia, regularly speaks on her favorite topics on 4BCNewsTalk 111 in Brisbane and founded the A-Z Guidebook Travel Link Up for travel bloggers.

Here’s what Fiona had to say:

Check Out This Interview with Fiona Ryan of Tiffin

Check Out This Interview with Fiona Ryan of Tiffin


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Top 5 Foodie Travel Experiences

September 7, 2015 • By
Els Pescadors in Barcelona

Els Pescadors in Barcelona

I admit it. I’m a foodie. Travel is really just a means to an end – with the end being a fabulous meal. Seriously, the best thing about traveling must surely be eating. Nothing else brings you closer to the true culture of a place or a people than their food. Am I right?  And no matter how many monuments, museums, beaches, shopping streets or festivals you visit – you still “gotta eat”.

Last night, Mr. H and I were enjoying a scrumptious meal together.  Sometimes, eating good food inspires talk of past meals in far off places.  So while tasting (and toasting) our way through the evening, we decided to come up with the Top 5 Foodie Travel Experiences we’ve shared on our travels together.  Here’s what we remembered, in the order that we remembered them:


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September Events: Barcelona’s Festival of Giants

September 4, 2015 • By

A while back, I ended up in Barcelona on the same weekend as the Festival La Merce.  Before that trip, I’d never even heard of this September event.  My husband was traveling on business and I decided to tag along…

One day while Mr. H was out making deals,  I took a taxi to Plaza Catalunya, because I wanted to visit (and spend money at!) Barcelona’s famous department store El Corte Inglés.  A few blocks from the plaza, a huge crowd had gathered and the streets were closed.  The taxi driver said I’d have to walk the rest of the way – and explained that the store was probably closed. At first I was disappointed.

Then I realized that something BIG was about to happen!  And by big, I do mean gigantic.

Festival of the Giants in Barcelona

Festival of the Giants in Barcelona


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Travel Tips for Coffee Drinkers

September 11, 2015 • By

I’ve been thinking a lot about coffee lately. (Ok, let’s rephrase that. I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee lately…)

I like having a quiet half hour every morning all to myself. No company, no conversation, no reading or checking emails. I like to become fully aware of the day on my own terms, as I enjoy a Cup of Joe.

Lately, as I sip, I’ve been remembering travel moments that relate to coffee.

Coffee is a seriously universal thing – but the rituals surrounding it change from place to place.

Take cappuccino, for instance.


I love it when they make cool designs in the froth of my cappuccino – how DO they do it?


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3 Fabulous Reasons to Be in Los Angeles this October

August 7, 2015 • By

Sunny Southern California is always nice. But this October things are really popping. If you’re thinking about traveling and are wondering where you should go next, here are three reason to be in Los Angeles in October of 2015.

1. Dracula at the Ace Hotel

This Halloween, Hollywood’s most alluring bloodsucker gets a new soundtrack. The original 1931 screen version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula was made when limited sound technology existed, so no musical score was ever composed and there were very few sound effects.

Dracula at Ace Hotel is presented by the LA Opera and features Phillip Glass and Kronos Quartet

Dracula at Ace Hotel is presented by the LA Opera and features Phillip Glass and Kronos Quartet

Legendary composer Philip Glass wrote a new film score in 1998. His music blows the cobwebs off this horror classic and adds depth to the emotional layers of the story.READ MORE