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Do You Know the Trullo?

January 18, 2013 • By

Castles, windmills, yurts and renovated churches were all mentioned in the email I received yesterday from Holiday Lettings, a Tripadvisor company.   So were tree houses and house boats.  I’m a big fan of the quirky stay – and I spent the day dealing with my husband’s dental surgery and an impending snow storm — so the idea of planning a trip to somewhere sunny for a unique stay seemed appealing.

One of the possibilities promoted was a holiday stay in a trullo.  Hmmmm…something new to me!  What’s a trullo?

The various photographs showed lovely little domed cottages made of white stones.  The interiors were simple and romantic, though very small.  Sometimes there were single domes in a country landscape, and sometimes there were multiple domes,

that all seemed to be connected.  I looked up trullo (the plural is trulli) on Wikipedia…and it turns out these are specific to the Apulia region of Italy.  They were often built as temporary field houses and storage spaces for the agricultural workers in the area.  Their heyday was in the 19th century.

Nowadays, the ones that still remain are primarily rented out to tourists — and they’ve gotten some great reviews on Tripadvisor and elsewhere.  Some have pools and some sit alone on many acres of rural Italian landscape.  This is a place to go for a romantic getaway, or a quiet family vacation with lots of room for playing outside — and not so much room for staying indoors.

I’m intrigued – and I think I’d like to plan a trip to a trullo.  What do you think?