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Find Deals (& Friends) at Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta

February 10, 2013 • By

I just spent some time in Atlanta, Georgia again this weekend.  This time it was for the awesome Scott’s Antiques Market that happens monthly at a convention-type facility just south of the city.  A few truths I can tell you about Atlanta:  1) there will undoubtedly be awful traffic;  2) the Atlanta airport is top notch and one of my favorites anywhere, and 3) you will always meet great people!

My friend, the interior designer Kellie Smith and I visited Scott’s in search of furniture, rugs and accessories for her latest project.   The Scott’s facility is mind-boggling — thousands of square feet in two buildings (one on each side of an interstate overpass, with bus service in between).  In addition, there are hundreds of booths set up outside and in tents, as well.  You’ll find modern, rustic, jazz age, fine French and Hollywood Regency pieces, mixed in with some kitsch, ethnic and organic discoveries.  A little bit of everything — a lot of some.  Art, rugs, furniture, dishes, decor…it goes on and on!

Along the way, we met the lovely Gillian Bryce.  I can’t decide whether to refer to her as charming or brilliant.  Only a few people are both – but she qualifies.  Gillian is an art dealer with a great eye.  She laughs a lot, has an infectious curiosity and a well-honed business sense.  PLUS, she and some friends have just started a great new business.

Gillian told us about SCOWTERS — the online community of vintage and modern dealers.  This cool group of entrepreneurs hosts flash sales on Facebook every Thursday at 8:00 p.m., EST.  Or you can check out their website at  Looks like a brilliant move, and I’ll be checking out their sales, for sure.

Kellie and I had a successful journey in Atlanta – scoring chairs, a rug, artwork (from Gillian’s booth), accessories, shell containers for my dressing room,  and some new resources for the future.