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Hotel Love: Keswick Hall, Virginia

April 27, 2013 • By
Keswick Hall in Virgina - on Rover@Home

Keswick Hall in Virgina – on Rover@Home

Keswick Hall in Charlottesville, Virginia is one of my all-time favorite hotels. I have great memories of being snowed in here once, years ago. There were only a few other guests and it seemed like just one or two staff. Most people were spending their holidays at home, but I had traveled down from Washington, DC to meet my brother on his way to his in-laws’ home for Thanksgiving. The snow came down hard and he barely made it in.

We were hanging out on vintage sofas talking and laughing, tramping outside to get wood to keep the fire going and drinking hot tea and getting our own cookies and biscuits from the kitchen.  It was like we had the place to ourselves. Of course, this is not the normal way things are done at Keswick Hall!

Keswick Hall, Charlottesville, Virgina

Keswick Hall, Charlottesville, Virgina

In fact, the best part of a stay at Keswick Hall is the attentive staff and elegant details. For instance, when you arrive, a large crystal pitcher of water and a bucket of ice are waiting in your room – and the classic “Old South” touch is the lace cover that is stretched over the pitcher, as was often used in the past, on large front porches throughout the humid South, to keep the flies out of your lemonade.

Keswick Hall is stylish in a low key, understated kind of way. The colors are muted and the light through the tall windows filters in through silk and velvet drapes. The food in all of the property’s restaurants is fresh and perfectly prepared by a staff that truly seems to care for your well-being.

A Fireplace at Keswick Hall

A Fireplace at Keswick Hall

There is also a large swimming pool and lounge chairs lined up on the grass. For some reason, I particularly love pools surround by grass. The aesthetic is so classic.



Mr. H enjoyed reading by the pool, even though it was still a bit nippy, in the afternoons, to actually go for a swim.

We were sad to leave – but the rest of the our progressive road trip was calling We had lots of driving still to do. But I hope we’ll go back…


Keswick Hall  –

701 Club Drive in Keswick, Virginia (just outside Charlottesville)
(434) 979-3440