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Hotel Review: Row NYC

May 28, 2014 • By

Frankly, we chose Row NYC because of the price and proximity to the Jacob Javits Convention Center. We were in the city for Surtex.

Normally, I don’t want to stay in Times Square area, since it is so touristy and there are all sorts of doe-eyed folks just off the bus mingling with hawkers on the streets, handing out fliers for tours and shows.  Getting through the revolving doors and past the crowd on the sidewalk is a daily challenge when you stay in this area.  But Surtex had made Row NYC one of the preferred hotels, and that meant there was nearby shuttle service back and forth to the show every day, and the price was right.

BTW, Row NYC used to be the Milford Hotel, and most cab drivers still think of it that way.  So keep that in mind, even in the taxi line at the airport.

On TripAdvisor, I saw that one reviewer complained about the size of the rooms and bathrooms, which is true, but honestly is pretty standard in NYC. So I wasn’t surprised by that.  At least you could get to the window without crawling over the bed, which is more than you can say for even some of the trendiest New York hotels.

Every staff person we interacted with was friendly and mostly efficient.  Check-in was quick and flawless.  We didn’t get the usual “bill under the door” the night before checkout, but I stopped to get a receipt on the way out, and this was also extremely quick and painless.

The only bad thing I can say is that on three separate occasions, housekeeping tried to enter our room without so much as a knock.  Housekeeping staff also rearranged our bathroom toiletries, which was disconcerting, especially since we had left the “Ssssssh” sign on our doorknob.

Wi-fi is free for one device, but if there are two of you, you’ll have to take turns online, or pay for an extra device, which is a little strange.  There is a wi-fi station with monitors in the lobby, for quick checking your email or keeping up to date with the office.

The best part was the breakfast in the cafe in the lobby.  Awesome, simple, grab-and-go breakfast items including pressed juices, yogurt, boiled eggs and excellent pastries.  Plus an overworked barrista (depending on the day and time) who is calm and unhurried even when you are not, and who also makes a mean cappuccino.  The first day it seemed they had no real system in place for ordering, moving through the breakfast line and paying, but on the remaining five mornings things worked much better.  Their almond croissant is still on my mind!


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Lobby, Row NYC

Lobby, Row NYC