In Honor of Bastille Day – Images of France

July 14, 2014 • By

In honor of Bastille Day (and better late than never, right?) here are some of my favorite photos taken in France over the last couple of years.

Of course, there must be the ubiquitous Eiffel Tower shot.  (Mr. H and I had one of our infamous re-marriages atop it three years ago! That was a good day.)

Eiffel Tower with Paris Cityscape Below

Eiffel Tower with Paris Cityscape Below

Mr. H took my quest for this shot quite seriously, driving all over the City of Lights, looking for the perfect spot.  Personally, I think he was just enjoying the drive. He loves city traffic. Seriously.

A Holiday Rental in Valence, Near Lyon France

A Holiday Rental in Valence, Near Lyon France

In Valence (near Lyon) we rented a flat in the Maison de la Pra, in the center of town.  Maison de la Pra is a beautifully decorated bed and breakfast, and around the corner, they have self-catering apartments available as well.  We stayed in one called “The Shoe Room”, which had shoes covering the walls, floors and ceiling.  Even the closet door handles were shoes.

Shoes on the ceiling

Shoes on the ceiling

Valence is not very touristy, and we thought it was a good home base for day trips. I like settling in somewhere for a few days, not packing my suitcases again every night.

Blue Shutters, Valence, France

Blue Shutters, Valence, France

We also spent some time in Normandy.  Part of the time we stayed in the Chateau de L’Isle-Marie in Bayeux, which was a great base for exploring Mont St Michele, the D-Day landing beaches and more. Plus the place itself was amazing.

Chateau de L'Isle-Marie

Chateau de L’Isle-Marie

Travel & Leisure magazine called the chateau one of the “50 Greatest Romantic Getaways Worldwide” and it certainly was.  Our room was perfectly “aged” – I felt as if we had stepped back in time.

Room in the Chateau de L'Isle-Marie

Room in the Chateau de L’Isle-Marie

There was an idyllic allee of old trees, a chapel designed by Christopher Wren, left just as it was since the D-Day bombings…

Sadly, Chateau de L’Isle-Marie is no longer available for overnight stays, so I’m glad we got to experience it.

We traveled through Bayeux, and other sites made famous by the Impressionist painters.

Reflections in the Water, Bayeaux, France

We saw Monet’s gardens in Giverny.


My images of France are some of my favorite.  I think I’ll do a post just on the Chateau some time in the future…

In the meantime, Happy Bastille Day. Vive la France.