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Memories of France – ReDesigned

January 16, 2013 • By

Yesterday, I decided to participate in an Olioboard Challenge on the decorating and mood-board creation site,  I don’t always have to time to play with their site, but when I do I can lose myself for hours.  It really is like virtual shopping and virtual room design, all in one.  They post challenges every week or so,and the new one is called “Memories of France”.  Just reading the words took me back immediately…

The first image that came to mind was of a lovely old stone manoir in Normandy that I stayed in a couple of years ago.  The place was really lovely .  I’ve even posted about it before, here:  The things I remember most about the interior are the stone floors, the narrow, curved stone stairs that led up to our room, and the huge old cupboard in the dining room that actually housed a secret door to the kitchen.

I couldn’t exactly reproduce the beauty of the Manoir du Quesnay with the graphic tools I had available — but using images in the Olioboard library, I was able to re-create a lovely old stone-floored farmhouse with a mix of furnishings that brought me back to that particular stay in Normandy.

When I think of country houses of that region, I think of tapestries and antique furniture, peeling paint and layers of textiles and a blend of decorative items culled from various places.  I also think of lavender…and rosemary…and a certain kind of quiet that you can only hear in a house with walls built a foot or more thick…

Here is my most recent Memory of France…

French Country House, as Remembered on Olioboard

French Country House, as Remembered on Olioboard