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Tour this Luscious London Micro Hotel

January 13, 2016 • By

Today’s stylish vacation rental is actually a tiny, two-guestroom hotel called 40 Winks.

(My dad used to always say he was going to catch 40 winks, just as he would lie down on the sofa for a nap…)

This lovely house was built in 1717, so it’s almost 300 years old. It’s quirky, eccentric and playfully glamorous. The kitchen is completely over the top!

Scroll down to see more of this dramatic space…

Take a tour of this United Kingdom Vacation Rental with a Theatrical Vibe - 40 Winks. Grace, glamour, art, and design can be found here - so magical!



2015 – Travel by the Numbers

January 11, 2016 • By

Happy New Year, Ya’ll!

Mr. H and I had a fabulous holiday season with family and friends. We hosted three dinner parties for 12 at our home (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hannukah).  We hosted a pajama party for 13 kids, too.

We got to co-host a Mad Men style New Year’s Eve party at Case de Locos, the super glamorous mid-century home of designer Kellie Smith. That was fun!


And after it was all over,Mr. H and I sat back, put our feet up and started reviewing the year that was.

He’s a big-time numbers guy, my husband. He loves doing an end of year tally.

And it’s fun to sit together on the couch and reminisce about all the things we did.

So without further ado, here’s our “Annual Report” for 2015.

Looking back, the number 1 defining moment of 2015, was the loss of my lovely mother last January. READ MORE


Room at the Inn – Bed and Breakfast in Bethlehem

December 23, 2015 • By

It’s Christmas Eve Eve…so instead of our regular Vacation Rental feature, we’ve picked a special inn – this historic bed and breakfast in, of course, Bethlehem…

(Bethlehem, Pennsylvania that is.)

Welcome to the Sayre Mansion, a sprawling brick house completed in 1858.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.16.09 AM

Robert Heysham Sayre was chief engineer of the Lehigh Valley Railroad. He also founded the Fountain Hill Opera House and READ MORE


12 Ways to Create a Cozy Guest Room for the Holidays

December 20, 2015 • By

So you’re totally ready for Christmas, right? (Be honest – are you nodding while sipping cocoa right now, or screaming uncontrollably?)

And this year, will you be the host or the wandering traveler?

Either way, you’ll want the guest room (or impromptu sleeping space!) to be as comfortable as possible.

Here are a few ideas to create a cozy guest room for the holidays.

1. Add a Snack Box

I like leaving a few small-size snacks in a basket, bowl or box next to the bed, especially for guests who have traveled far and may be on a different time zone.


Waking up starving at 3:00 a.m. when you’re jet-lagged is SO not fun.  Make sure you include some salty or savory snacks as well as sweets. Nuts, chips and pretzels are always good choices and try to strike a balance between healthy and just downright yummy.

2. A Place to Sit

If you have the space, make sure your guest room has a place to sit in addition to the bed. Your guest will need a place for tying shoes, having a cup of tea or checking his or her iPhone.

Here are seating areas in two favorite guest rooms I’ve stayed in while traveling. The first was in an Italian villa. I loved waking up here. And the chairs totally served their purpose.

A Bedroom at Il Castello

A Bedroom at an Italian Villa we Rented for a House Party

This next room was  in a French chateau and was especially cozy…the old, overstuffed chair between the window and the fireplace was so comfortable I could sit for hours.READ MORE

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The 10 Most Christmas-y Places to Be Right Now

December 14, 2015 • By

It’s looking a lot like Christmas! Silver bells…twinkly lights…pictures with Santa popping up in your friends’ Facebook feeds.

Happily, I’ll be spending the holiday at home with family. My tree is glittering. The garland is draped across the front porch and the gifts are getting wrapped – (but slowly, slowly).

Every now and then, as I tie a Tiffany-style bow – I dream about spending the holiday in a picture-perfect Christmas destination, a place filled with snowflakes and evergreens and classic red ribbons. The kind of Christmas card town that seems almost magical – a place known for a unique Christmas spirit. What are the places I dream of?

Here they are.

In my opinion, these are the Top 10 Christmas Destinations anywhere in the world!

1. Lapland, Finland

As Santa’s official homeland, Finnish Lapland is obviously pretty focused on the Christmas holiday. The town of Rovaniemi is officially designated as Santa’s hometown. A white line through the park delineates the boundaries of the actual Arctic Circle.)

And while, according to local lore, Santa lives a bit further out, he does keep his office downtown.

Santa wears traditional clothing in Lapland

Rovaniemi: Santa Claus. Photograph. Britannica Online for Kids. Web. 12 Dec. 2015



Holiday Gift Guide: Perfect Gifts for Travelers

December 4, 2015 • By

It’s Friday afternoon. Just a few more hours in the work week and, let’s be honest, you’re daydreaming about the weekend and the upcoming holidays. Am I right?

Here’s a fun gift guide for all the travelers you know – those who travel or just want to travel. Perfect for anyone planning or saving for an upcoming trip. Some are cute and unexpected. And some are highly practical.

And trust me, as someone who is away from home more than a third of the year, I can tell you that many of these gifts will be greatly appreciated by anyone on the go.

So go ahead. Take a look !

Gifts for Travelers

Gifts for Travelers