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Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

May 14, 2013 • By
Venice, From the Canal

Venice, From the Canal

I love this photo, shot from a water taxi on a canal in Venice.  I like that I was able to get it lined up and fairly straight despite the movement of the camera (and the boat, and the water).  I love the Moorish/Italianate shapes of the columns and ornamentation.  But my absolute favorite thing is the two men in the upper left corner.

I love the intimacy of seeing them up there, in private conversation.  And for some reason — it must be the hat — the scene reminds me of the Mantegna painting of Cardinal d’Medici in the Uffizi in Florence.

So for me, this image is all about pattern – but it is alo quintessentially Italy…art, culture, history, lifestyle, all in one.