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Speakeasy Hidden Pocket Travel Scarves: Secret Storage that’s Fashionable!

June 15, 2015 • By

Forget those unstylish fanny packs and the awkward bra stashes. There’s a new hidden storage solution on the market, and it’s something that is fashionable that will become your must-have necessity on your travels.

The Speakeasy Supply Co. (founded by fellow travel blogger Bethany Salvon of Beers and Beans), have designed a special infinity scarf that also has a hidden pocket so you can stash your extra cash, cards, chapstick, keys, passport or anything else you may need without anyone ever knowing it’s there!



Although it is beautiful, the best part of these fun infinity scarves is the hidden pocket! Here are the features of this beautiful travel necessity:

Hidden Pocket: The pocket is large enough to carry your passport, small guide book, phone, keys and any other items you want to secretly stash!  No one will ever know you have a secret pocket hidden in your scarf making it the perfect place to keep your items safe!

Fabric: The Speakeasy Travel Scarves are made from a lightweight jersey fabric. There are many patterns to choose from.

Measurements: Scarf will measure appx. 68″ long and appx. 8″ wide. The zipper pocket is approximately 8″x8″ and hidden inside the scarf.









The only problem now, is deciding which one to buy? I guess that means I need them all! How about you? What do you think of the Speakeasy Travel Scarves? Go here to purchase yours, Speakeasy Supply Co.!