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Tour This Unique Vacation Rental in Italy

August 11, 2016 • By

This may be the most stylish vacation rental ever…

Take a tour of this beautiful traditional trullo in Italy from the Oliver’s Travels website, one of the best-edited holiday rental companies I’ve ever come across.

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A trullo is an ancient, round house with a conical roof primarily located in the Itria Valley in Italy’s Apulia region.

Trullo’s were originally constructed as temporary field shelters and storehouses by the region’s farmers.READ MORE

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Milan’s Navigli District

November 17, 2015 • By

One of the hippest areas of Milan is the Navigli, located around the city’s two canals and lined with a bewildering number of cafes, bars, shops, galleries, pizzerias, gelaterias, book stores and music shops. There are also souvenir vendors, musicians, street art, boat rides, regular flea markets and depending on the time of day, crowds of people.

I’ve spent the last several days getting to know Milan’s Navigli District.  I love the walkability and intimacy of it. I can only fall in love with a place if I can get to know it while walking along narrow streets.

The Navigli District, Milan

The Navigli District, Milan

Milan has grand boulevards, monuments, dramatic architecture and world-class museums of course. But this is my favorite part of the city. Here are some of my favorite spots for eating, shopping and exploring in Milan’s Navigli district.READ MORE

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Vacation Rental – Venice, Italy

November 11, 2015 • By

It’s been a while since I wrote a Vacation Rental of the Week post while sitting in the apartment I’m writing about. But I’m doing just that right now.

Today’s the day we leave our charming attic apartment in Venice, Italy.

This home stay was everything I had hoped it would be. The selection process started some time ago, and I now know I chose wisely. To be perfectly honest, I felt completely at home here, from the moment I opened the front door and kicked off my shoes…

Rug in My Venetian Vacation Rental

Rug in My Venetian Vacation Rental

The apartment could not be more conveniently located.

When you arrive by boat to the San Samuele dock, you are just steps away from the front door. And while the apartment is on the top floor, there is an elevator that deposits you there easily with all your bags.

We were greeted by our charming hostess, Signora Barbero and READ MORE

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An Update from Venice

October 20, 2015 • By

I’ve been in Venice for a week and loved every quirky, cold, (sometimes sunny), delicious minute of it. I’ve loved it so much, I’ve not taken time to write about my trip!  What? I’m a travel blogger – this is not supposed to happen!

I have been taking photos – so here’s a quick update from Venezia. (I’m really hoping my Italian improves by the end of this trip!)

First of all, if you read regularly you may remember that I started planning this trip months ago and I let you in on my process for picking a vacation rental.  I’m 100% pleased with the apartment I selected.

Here’s what my vacation rental looks like:

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.30.46 AM

Don’t you love those massive, ancient doors? And the view of READ MORE

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My Favorite Things: Portraits of Statues

September 28, 2015 • By

Do you start to notice themes when you look over your travel photos?

I have a huge collection of “portraits” of statues.

Even through the lens, I realize that I love to shoot sculpture in the same way that I like to take photos of models.  Sometimes I even feel myself having an internal discussion with them.  You know what I mean, “…good, good, a bit more to the left, yes. Perfect…”

A Sculpture at Atlanta's High Museum

A Sculpture at Atlanta’s High Museum


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Vacation Rental of the Week: A Farmhouse in Italy

August 26, 2015 • By

Immersed in the peaceful Italian countryside, Cascina Serenella is a stylish vacation rental consisting of a traditional farmhouse, fully restored and surrounded by private gardens. You’ll find an orangery, an orchard and a vegetable garden as well as a unique sense of style.

This charming home stay can accommodate up to 12 people at once, meaning friends or extended families can relax, play or celebrate together. This is a perfect spot for a traditional house party. I love house parties! Wait ’til you see the dining room, and you’ll be planning your own…

Vacation Rental of the Week - Typical Farmhouse Cascina Serenella Italy