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This Tent Puts the “Glam” in Glamping

February 24, 2015 • By

I’m a bit obsessed with glamping.  I love the idea of staying in a vintage-style safari camp with all the luxuries – a bathtub for instance, and a cushy bed, and folding chairs pulled ’round a fire at night while my adventurer friends tell tales and drink something serious.   That’s glamping – or glamorous camping.

(Think Out of Africa, or The English Patient or these Louis Vuitton ads from a few years back…)

Louis Vuitton Safari Style circa 2010

Louis Vuitton Safari Style circa 2010

Overly romanticized, yes.  Dreamy.  But not particularly practical or realistic.

And then these guys come along and made me want to live in a tent forever!  Seriously.

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The Cocoon by Autonomous Tent Company

The Autonomous Tent Company designs and manufactures the most stylish tents you will ever see.  Phil Parr and  architect Harry Gesner originally founded the company to create the world’s first, transportable 5-star boutique hotel.   Imagine having “pop-up” hotels in secluded, natural locations for a short period of time – completely sustainable, powered by the sun and the wind, and offering unique, exclusive and fleeting experiences.

But as they worked on their design, they realized they were creating something else entirely.  A completely new kind of architecture.  Their first edition tents are hand-crafted, one of a kind abodes that are delivered by semi-trailer and can be set up easily.

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The Larger Tipi Version by Autonomous Tent Company

The small version starts at $100,000 for up to 700 square feet of living space. Definitely high dollar for a pup tent – but this is something else entirely.  The structures are engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds and heavy snow.  They feature a high-tech translucent shell, insulation and are resistant to mildew and pests.  There is also a special water purification system.

Interiors feature kitchens, full size bathtubs and more if you like…

Interior Plan of a Cocoon by Autonomous Tent Company

Interior Plan of a Cocoon by Autonomous Tent Company

And, as seen below, your interior style can be as rustic or as glamorous as you like.

Simple Interior and Structural View

Simple Interior and Structural View

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Rustic Interior of an Autonomous Tent

glamping, glamorous camping, chandelier, tent, cabin alternative

Autonomous Tent Puts the Glam in Glamping

So if this can, in any way, be called roughing it – sign me up!

For more information on these fabulous designs, here’s the link to the site: