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Time and Place with Barry Dixon

March 23, 2014 • By

Hi there!  Kellie here.  Melanie and Mr. H are beginning the 4th leg of their ‘Across America’ journey so I am taking the helm!

Melanie and I took a quick trip to ADAC (Atlanta Decorative Arts Center) this week to see and hear the A.Mazing Barry Dixon. We totally had time, Melanie was packed and ready to leave town and I definitely did NOT have 742 things going on at the design studio. But miss Barry Dixon?  No way.

Sigh…Barry (should I call him Mr. Dixon??) is a major Design Crush of mine. I mean, seriously, who else is as gorgeous, kind, interesting AND talented? Ugh.  We originally met Mr. Dixon a couple of years ago. He was sharing his inspirations with designers and really breaking it down. Not kidding, the man is fascinating. His mind = Beautiful.  I could drool over him, er, I mean, listen to him for hours.

This visit to the ATL had him launching a new product line with Avrett, a craftsman and artist blacksmith company located in Charleston.  In true Barry style, the presentation did not disappoint. The line includes lighting and furniture pieces that are phenomenal.  Check out the Barry Dixon collection here.  Awesome ‘huh?

Now the reason I named this post ‘time and place’ is because of Barry’s inspirational words about his inspiration for this line.  So eloquent:

“Our new collection for Avrett is inspired by time and place.  Time, via the timeless lines and silhouettes of the masters of the design universe, from Rhulmann to the Romans, that have left their rich legacy for us to play with.  Place, the warm natural world we see through our southern windows as we gaze upon the splendiferous change of seasons that bring constant inspiration, sometimes in the most curious ways… .  A mosquito’s elegant leg, or the pod-like cone of a magnolia, all that’s left when the delicate petals fall away and become a beautiful memory.”

Told you.  The man is deep.

This is the Moustique Console Table.  The legs were inspired by the mosquito’s leg:


And here we have the Magnolia Pod light fixture:


And my favorite piece from the collection?  The Synapse light:


Why is this my favorite you ask?  It makes me think of Barry’s brain – always firing off new ideas!

And here is Barry’s Facebook post of my visit…

KAS and BDD 1

Day made people.  Day.  Made.

So, I hope you now love Barry Dixon’s work as much as I do.  I can’t wait to see what product line he creates next.

Hope you’re having a bang up weekend!  Gotta dash!  Kellie