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To My Valentine: A Glittery Sticky Note

February 14, 2013 • By
A Stick On Valentine Decal

Welcome Home My Love

When my husband returns home from his overseas trip, even though it will be after the 14th, he’ll find this glittery, grown-up Valentine greeting on the shower door.

It’s our first Valentine’s Day apart, but I feel okay about it.  Sometimes, the important thing is just to miss someone…to remember them from a distance and consider their return. Sometimes the missing him part fills me with a blue kind of happiness.

What’s really great is to be married to someone who appreciates silly romantic gestures like this little message that is ‘written’ on the glass!  Someone who creates all kinds of random, unexpected (silly and serious) romance himself.

This message is actually a gold-glitter decal that I found in a gift shop in Key West, Florida, last February.  It’s made and sold by Shanna Murray Illustrated.  Shanna makes all kinds of great, grown up stickers.  There are love notes, garlands, frames, signs that say “welcome”, and “be brave”.  They’re easy to stick and easy to remove, too, whenever you’re ready for a change.