Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

May 19, 2013 • By
Boats in an Inlet off the Coast of Maui

Boats in an Inlet off the Coast of Maui

Here’s another photo that means “escape” to me.  But not in all the usual ways…I really enjoy the details of this photo, how the steam is rising off the mountain to meet the clouds after a quick tropical sprinkle.  I love the lushness of the place.  But my favorite part of this day was leaving Maui behind (which is what was happening when I took this photo from the boat’s stern).  Leaving Maui meant escaping back to our unspoilt, quiet island of Lanai for the rest of the week!IMG_0285  Lanai is all about tranquility, untouched Hawaii and quiet romance.

On Lanai, my husband and I drove for miles in an open-air Jeep without seeing any shops or bars or people – maybe just the occasional four-wheeler in the distance.

We drove over Lanai’s dark red soil and up into rugged, lava-like mountains and onto secluded beaches.  We ate a picnic at the edge of the water while the wind whipped our hair around like crazy.

Later, we wandered through a greenhouse full of orchids, rode horseback and ate dinner on the lovely veranda of a white-table-cloth restaurant – one of only a few restaurants on the island, but luckily, a very good one.  At one point we did wander through a small residential neighborhood and into the old downtown, which is made up of colorful beach cottages and a nice park,

If tourism-focused retail is not your thing – then Lanai is certainly a fabulous escape!  There are only three places to stay on the island, if I remember correctly.  So you’ll definitely want to plan in advance.  If you want to explore Lanai yourself, here’s a good place to start: http://www.gohawaii.com/lanai