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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadowing

August 3, 2013 • By

This is one of my favorite photos – I just wish I’d been shooting at a higher resolution at the time.  This is a kitchen shot of the chef and his assistants at Otel Variete in Florence, Italy.  The only thing it really foreshadowed was a fantastic dinner of regional Italian food, in large quantities…and a fun performance on the restaurant’s stage.

Otel Variete is a trendy, fun “insider’s” place in Florence and we had a lovely time. It attracts the city’s sophisticated cabaret crowd and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants a great dinner and a show.  There’s also dancing afterwards, if you decide to stay.

The space is stylish.  One review I read calls it a mix of Broadway, Las Vegas and Paris – but with Italian style.  (There are very few reviews in English, by the way.  I think I’ll add one on Tripadvisor…)  The stage is grand, and you might see DJs, magicians, dancing girls, musicians, ballet dancers, acrobats – whatever spectacle the owner wants to feature.  We did the tasting menu, which was also grand.

The reason I like this photo is the picture itself.  I snapped it on my way to the ladies’ room.  The kitchen is brightly lit and behind glass, and the hallway leading to the bathrooms’ was fairly dark.  The kitchen looked like a stage.  The light hit all the ‘players’ at just the right angle, and the movement of the characters on this particular stage really suggest something to me.

There is something dark and brooding about it – as if something dramatic is about to happen.  (A murder, a confession, a tantrum?)

Because of the light and the drama and the movement, this photo has always seemed like a foreshadowing…although, in truth, there was nothing dark at all about the meal or the performance.

The next time you’re in Florence, make a point of visiting Otel Variete.  You won’t regret it.