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What to Pack? I’m Planning Online with Polyvore!

October 30, 2012 • By
The first time I traveled overseas I was a college student, planning for a summer studying photography in London.  I was beyond excited – so giddy with excitement, in fact, that I spent hours planning what I would take with me, even sketching out various items of my clothing and making an “inventory” list.  Of course, nowadays the packing experience is  a little less, shall we say, organized.
I do try to pack smart, though.  And I’ve definitely gotten better at it.  My husband admits to being impressed by my small(ish) suitcase – and even more impressed by how many pairs of shoes I unpack when we arrive.

The other day, I decided to try my hand at Polyvore, the web-based fashion site.  I pretended I was planning my outfits for my next trip, using items that are in my closet (and some that aren’t).  It became the online version of those old pen and ink sketches I did before my first trip to London.
Here’s one of my sets – built around a pair of black waxed-denim jeans that I own and love.  (I always pack skinny jeans, with multiple shirts, sweaters and jackets that can mix and match with each pair.)   Sometimes, depending on where I’m going, I’ll take something dressier, too.  I’m not really a shorts wearer, so in the summer, I pack lots of jersey dresses that don’t wrinkle and go great with flip flops or heels.  Maybe I’ll try my hand at more packable and interchangeable outfits on Polyvore again.  It was fun – and it got me into planning mode – which frankly is half the fun of travel!
Packing Options - Black Waxed Jeans
Here are some more outfit options that I have created on Polyvore
Kaftans, Djallabas and More

Kaftans, Djallabas and More by rover-at-home featuring a flat top

Outdoor Summer Concert


I seriously suggest jumping over to Polyvore and have your take on creating virtual outfits online…I could play on that site all day!
Tell me, will you be trying out Polyvore? I would love to hear from you, comment below.
Wondering what to pack for your next trip? Try Polyvore - a web-based fashion site. What to Pack? I'm planning online - #traveltips #whattopack