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A Walk in the Wild

August 25, 2012 • By

In the English Lake District, we went for long walks through the woods and fields. To be honest, one of the things I liked most was being able to wear my Tom Joules wellies and jacket. I bought them on a trip to Maine and when I wear them I feel sort of classic and romantic, the way those old Peterman catalog ads were supposed to make you feel (before they became Seinfeld jokes instead).

Speaking of classic and romantic, we climbed over a couple of stiles and up a hill, and came upon this amazing little house called Rose Castle Cottage (pictured above). The cottage is romantic from a distance and also up close, (we were able to see fresh flowers on a table in the kitchen and a sweet iron-framed bed in an upstairs window, but no, we weren’t peeping!)

Later we found out that the house is a National Trust property, and that it can be rented by the week. A part of me thinks staying there sounds charming – but a bigger part of me realizes that I would probably be a bit freaked out by it.  It is very remote – and I don’t imagine the facilities are the most up to date (and why should they be?)  Its just that while I love the rustic, romantic look, I do love a clean, well-lit bathroom!

The next day, we did find a nice, big (FREE) book that listed all of the National Trust properties that can be rented in the UK. I will definitely be staying in one, sooner or later.